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Sheldon Dawson No Longer A Bulldog, Todd Gurley Still Superman

Today's New from Athens

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Emerson reports Coach Mark Richt informed the team after practice today that Junior Defensive Back Sheldon Dawson is no longer a member of the team.  As is his practice, CMR did not elaborate on the circumstances behind Dawson's departure.

Dawson was considered a top rank recruit in 2012 out of Tennessee, but had only started once, last year against Tech.  The concern with his departure is the amount of attrition from our Secondary so far.  However, even with the prior departures, Dawson only played this past weekend when JJ Green was out for a few plays. Dawson was suspended for last year's Gator Bowl due to an unspecified violation of team rules.

In other Breaking News - Todd Gurley was both accused and exonerated of assaulting a fellow student at an the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill over the weekend.  According to reports, the bar surveillance video showed the victim was assaulted by a white male.  Mr. Gurley is many things, but a white male he is not.  The detective's report said, "I was able to see clearly that Todd Gurley had no involvement in this case other than trying to give an individual his hat back."  The Athens Banner-Herald article also noted the police report said the victim uttered a "racial epiteth" at Gurley.  Frankly, this tidbit only serves to reinforce Gurley's image as Superman.  Not many college age men would be able to ignore such a comment.  While I don't exactly condone violence, there is just no excuse for such comments. I think Texas has a He-Needed-Punching law for such occasions (it's the companion to the He-Needed-Killing law.)

Hat Tips to Seth Emerson at and Joe Johnson at for the news.