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Monday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you but I'm running a little late on this dreary fall Monday. But the fact that I haven't finished my coffee doesn't mean that the college football world stops turning. Here's a taste of what's happening around Bulldog Nation.

Not giving up on Mason-yet | The Grit Tree
A solid take on Hutson Mason's struggles from The Grit Tree. I hear those of you who are saying that the time to play Brice Ramsey more is now. That may be the case. But having watched that great arm of his throw two very pretty interceptions against Troy, I'm pretty comfortable that it's not time for him to be starting against SEC defenses.

Michel confirmed out for awhile, Mitchell will try to play | Georgia Bulldogs blog | Columbus Ledger Enquirer
Georgia's tailback depth continues to wane even as its receiving corps is set to get better. It's times like these that you have to be glad to have a guy like Brendan Douglas, who really could start elsewhere, as your fifth string tailback.

Podcast: Discussing Hutson Mason and the passing game | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
Seth and Gentry delve into the issues with the passing game generally, and Hutson Mason specifically, and include some audio from Mason's postgame media session.

UGA's Defensive Breakdowns | Analyzing Tennessee's Big Plays Against the Dawg Defense | The Blawg House
Great job by Cory Brinson of the Blawg House of breaking down Tennessee's scoring drives from Saturday. After reviewing the film yesterday I actually felt a little better about the defense's performance. As Cory points out, several of those big plays were about Tennessee just calling a good play and executing it. Some of it was us being caught in a bad position to defend what Tennessee had called. They weren't bad defensive calls per se, just not the ones to be in against what was called.

But a third category, the ones where we were in the wrong defense for what was an obvious call and got caught with our pants down (the back-to-back draws on the series leading into halftime) and the plays where we were just flat out of position were a little worrisome. Cory's analysis of the long touchdown pass by Worley is much the same as mine. If you're going to blitz and put linebacker Amarlo Herrera on an island covering a vertical route against a wide receiver, you better get to the QB. If you don't, the result is just predictable. Herrera stays with that receiver for 15 yards, but 31 is just a bridge too far.

Ole Miss player: 'We don't think Bama is as good as they have been' -
I'll have more on this when I post my SEC Power Poll ballot tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that Ole Miss's current No. 11 ranking is the highest it's gonna get all year. Apparently their swagger is also at the top of the bell curve. The player in question qualified his remark by saying that the Tide would be the best team Ole Miss has played so far (a flaming understatement), but the damage is done.

That should get you started on your day. As usual, don't cross the street without looking both ways, don't overlook that underneath linebacker on the hook route, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!