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It's never a bad thing to wake up on a Sunday morning after a Bulldog victory. And that goes double for the fifth consecutive Bulldog victory over Tennessee, allowing even the fifth year seniors on this squad to say they never lost a game to the Creamsicle Cadets. I'm sure many of us have things to do today (church, yard work, fretting about Sony Michel's shoulder . . .) but first here's what's happening in Bulldog Nation.

Hutson Mason disappointed by his two-interception performance Saturday - The Red and Black : Sports
Hutson Mason wasn’t happy about his performance in Saturday’s win over Tennessee. He's not alone. As the article notes some of the fault for Georgia's poor aerial effort on Saturday goes to the offensive line, some goes to the freshmen we've been forced to play, and some even goes to veterans like Chris Conley (who admitted that that third quarter interception occurred because of a route mistake on his part). But the bottom line is this: if Georgia needed to throw the ball around to beat a good SEC football team tomorrow there's no way it would happen. The day will come when that's what's required.

Column: Gurley shows why he’s the Heisman front-runner in Bulldogs’ win | DogBytes Online
Todd Gurley's average yards per carry dropped by a full yard after yesterday's game. All the way down to 8.8. As I noted in yesterday's post-game, Gurley's a legitimate Heisman candidate at this point, and it's no stretch to say that Georgia would be 0-2 in the SEC without him. Hutson Mason would also be under even more heat, because it's hard to be a game manager when your team has got no game to manage.

Georgia's pass rush finds rhythm when it matters in win over Vols | Online Athens
Granted this Tennessee offensive line was not the 2012 Alabama unit, but it was nice to see the defense tighten the screws in the second half, especially when Tennessee was forced to sub in Nate Peterman. Even on the throws the Tennessee Qbs hit on late they were rarely throwing from a clean pocket (though the one long Worley TD on the skinny post did come on one of those secondary blitzes that just didn't get there).

Gurley's Herschel-like Performance Makes Him No-Brainer for Player of Week and, yes, it's Bobo for Coaching Honors - Bulldawg Illustrated
Obviously Todd Gurley as Bulldog player of the week was an easy pick, but Bulldog Illustrated's Murray Poole makes another good point: Mike Bobo was the one who put it in his hands 28 times on Saturday. That sounds like a no-brainer, but when you consider that Bobo's also trying to make sure he has Gurley available for later tests, I think that's a card he has to play judiciously. Again, we're going to be in a world of hurt if our offensive strategy is to run Todd Gurley nearly 30 times a week. But this week against this Vol defense, it was the right call, especially in the second half.

Tarvarus McFadden1⃣ on Twitter: "Prayers go out to my Brother Sony @Flyguy2stackz who hurt his shoulder today and is out 6 weeks. Minor Setback #TrueSoldier ✊
Sony's former high school teammate and current Bulldog recruit Tarvarus McFadden's tweet from last night doesn't sound very promising.

Topics for Discussion: The SEC East Is Falling Apart Again, While GameDay Picks Its Location - Team Speed Kills
Team Speed Kills looks for insights on the gap between the two divisions, Todd Gurley's Heisman chances and whether Tennessee or Arkansas is better positioned to make the postseason. I'm not as sold as Brandon on the SEC West being uniformly better than the East, as I am fairly certain that Ole Miss is about to embark on a stretch which sees them exposed, and that Mississippi State is not quite as good as their victory over LSU is leading some to believe. On that same note LSU has problems, especially at QB, which are not the sort of problems that get sorted out midseason. So there.

We'll be back throughout the day with a lot more college football discussion of a red and black bent. Until then, have a spectacular Sunday and . . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!