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Evening Open Comment Thread: Tonight We Are All Missourians.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This is the evening open comment thread, the spot for watching others struggle with opponents they should have put away long before the fourth quarter. If you need a place to complain openly about the Georgia Bulldogs' inability to do so, we've got one of those as well.

But I digress. This evening has a lot of good football, as we move into the meat of conference football schedules. Perhaps most germane to Bulldog fans' interests is Missouri's bout with South Carolina, which kicks off in a matter of minutes on ESPN. At 7:30 on ESPN2 you can catch Miami hosting Duke in a game that only a mother could love. That's the same time for SEC Network's matchup between New Mexico State and LSU, and the Memphis/Ole Miss game on SportSouth. Notre Dame travels to Syracuse at 8:00 (ABC), the same time that Iowa State hosts Baylor on FOX. If so inclined you can watch college football into the wee hours of Sunday morning, as USC hosts Oregon State at 10:30 eastern on ESPN.

Let's finish off this week of college football in style. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!