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Georgia vs Tennessee Second Half Open Comment Thread

How About We Just RTDB Y'all?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After an agonizingly slow than molasses going uphill in the dead of winter in Alaska first quarter which included a Georgia team that seemed to show up with multiple personality disorder allowing those Rocky Top playing, Men in Orange to take a 10-0 lead, Damian Swann decided he’d had enough and came up with a momentum changing Sack on Tennessee’s next possession. 

The beautiful boys in red came up with 21 unanswered points because RTDB.  Mason, Gurley and Chubb (wearing a slightly smaller club to protect his thumb) each ran one in.  Tennessee got one more TD in before picking up a sideline infraction on the way to the locker room to give us an extra 15 yards along with the ball to start the second half. 

It felt like we sputtered to get the car started coming out of the locker room this morning then went for a stomach turning roller coaster ride for 30 football minutes while we tried to both wake up and decide whether or not to just RTDB.  Coming back from half-time we’re up 21-17, we’ve got the ball, the momentum and 15 bonus yards on a silver platter served by Smokey.  It’s time to Hunker Down and