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Second Half Open Comment Thread

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A few first half game notes:

  • I guess I have to get over the notion that leading with your shoulder, not your head and going right for the numbers is the correct way to tackle. The Deion Sanders-patented head down knee dive is now the way people who are supposed to know about football want it to be done. But that's okay, they've made marvelous advancements in the treatment of obliterated knee ligaments.
  • Also Marc Curles is the over-officious jerk Penn Wagers can only aspire to be.
  • That being said, J.J. Green did put my nose a little out of joint dancing off to the locker room with a grin on his face. Not the time, man. Not the time.
  • Jeb Blazevich got the start at tight end. I suspect that's not the last time we'll say that.
  • Damian Swann didn't get the start at corner. Wonder if there's some message being sent there.
  • Terrell Davis being honored in the first quarter made me think about what a great third string fullback Todd Gurley could have been in Ray Goff's offense.
  • Well, dang, maybe the 'Dawgs will cover that 41 point spread.
  • As a couple of beat writers noted during the second quarter on Twitter, Todd Gurley is not injured. There is simply no good reason to put him back in up by 45 against Troy.
  • My, but Brice Ramsey's got a nice smooth release. Touch on the deep ball could be better, but his mechanics do look a lot better than when he arrived in Athens.
So there's not a lot of suspense in this one, which is absolutely fine with all of us, I'm sure. Let's finish this thing out.

Go 'Dawgs!!!