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The Friday Tailgate: If You care To Take a Dare, We'll Make a Bet With You.

Maestro, the music:

Once again we find Ourselves with time to kill before toe meets leather tomorrow afternoon in Sanford Stadium. So we are proud to bring you the Friday Tailgate, the virtual tent under which we congregate while trying to convince the boss that we're doing actual work.This week brings the triumphant return of a long-time Friday Tailgate favorite, "over/under".

The game is a simple one. I give you a proposition involving a number and you tell me whether the outcome during tomorrow's game will be over that number or under it. Hence the title. For example, I say "MaconDawg will consume 3.9 barbecue sandwiches before entering the stadium." If you rightly believe that the number will be four, five, or more then you would take the over. See how simple that is? Let's get started:

1) Todd Gurley will have 14.9 rushing attempts on the game.

2) Sony Michel will have 9.9 rushing attempts on the game.

3) The Bulldog offense will score 27.9 points in the first half.

4) Hutson Mason will throw for 299.9 yards on the day.

5) Faton Bauta will have 7.9 passing attempts on the day.

6) Brice Ramsey will have 7.9 passing attempts on the day.

7) The Georgia defense will intercept 2.9 Trojan passes.

8) Leonard Floyd will record 2.9 tackles for loss, including sacks.

9) 8.9 Bulldogs (including backs and tight ends) will record receptions on the afternoon.

10) Georgia will win by 40.9 points.

So there you have it, a series of Gentleman's propositions for your discussion. Feel free to include both your predictions and the rationale behind them in the comments below, while also discussing this evening's high school and college football action (or whatever else floats your collective boat). Until later...

Go Dawgs!!!