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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by RedCrake's Lowered Expectations... because if you assume your team is gonna suck, you won't find yourself curled up in a corner clutching a bottle of Maker's Mark and crying while Everybody Hurts plays in the background.

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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!

My beloved Georgia Bulldogs lost. My beloved Detroit Lions lost. My beloved Tottenham Hotspur played Sunderland to a draw and have taken up residence in their traditional 5th-6th place spot in the Premier League Table.

Come on!!!

How could an Autumn that started out so promising turn to crap so so so quickly???

To be honest, I never really expected Georgia to make the college football playoff. I wanted to, mind you... and I got to pretend for an entire two weeks! Maybe that dream will resurface later this season and maybe it won't but it sure would've been nice to enjoy it for a few more weeks before the sky came predictably crashing down.

Anyway... there's football this week. Here's what you should watch in every time slot while I'm slowly pickling my liver in bourbon:


Auburn Tigers @ Kansas State Wildcats (7:30, ESPN)

Oh look, Auburn is playing on Thursday night.  They're like the Georgia Tech of the SEC... except, you know, without the academic reputation.  Both are awesome at the lying and cheating thing though.


Connecticut Huskies @ South Florida Bulls (8:00, ESPN)

Yay Big East! Basketball Conference That Pretends to Care About Football! American Athletic Conference? Ok.


Troy Trojans @ Georgia Bulldogs (Noon, SEC Network)

You know what might make you feel better about Georgia's loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks? Watching them struggle against a truly horrendous Troy team before finally pulling away in the 2nd Half. This one's gonna set you up real nicely to watch the Dawgs hand Butch Jones his first signature win at Tennessee a week down the line. Enjoy!


Florida Gators @ Alabama Crimson Tide (3:30, CBS)

I guess? I mean, I'd like to see someone take Saban down a peg as much as the next guy... but you're straight up crazy if you think Will Muschamp is the one to do it.


Clemson Tigers @ Florida State Seminoles (8:00, ABC)

Time to find out how overrated Clemson was to start the season (and by extension, how overrated Georgia was to start the season). I think the Tigers may keep it closer than folks think, but I just don't see any way they come out of this one with a win.  Doesn't mean I'd mind seeing it though...


Oregon Ducks @ Washington State Cougars (10:30, ESPN)

This is really your only viable option here.  I can't imagine it will be much of a game.  But I suppose you never know with Leach.  Alternatively, you could curl up in a corner with a bottle of Maker's Mark and cry while Everybody Hurts plays in the background.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...