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Nick Chubb Undergoes Thumb Surgery, Will Miss Troy Game, Maybe More.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Chubb underwent surgery today to repair a broken thumb according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Citing Chubb's mother, Lavelle Chubb, Chip Towers reported that Chubb broke the digit last week during practice at underwent a procedure in which screws were inserted in the finger.

Chubb played Saturday night against South Carolina with gloves and bandaging, but only carried the ball 4 times for 34 yards. In the post game I noted that we saw more of Sony Michel in key situations, though I whiffed on noticing the telltale gloves. Having broken a finger and tried to carry a football, I can tell you it's not easy. But trying to catch a football is even harder, one would imagine especially when it's thrown by an SEC-caliber QB. So expect Chubb to be out until it's not blindingly obvious when he's in the game that he's not getting the ball.

As for when that is, Mrs. Chubb indicated that her son will likely miss at least the Troy game. Standard guidance according to the one orthopedic surgeon I know and could shoot off a hurried text to this evening is for this type of injury to be "healed" in three to six weeks. Of course that's entirely dependent on the location and severity of the break, and the healing propensity of the individual with the busted digit. So while it wouldn't be out of the question for Chubb to be out for the Tennessee and Vanderbilt games as well, he is a young, genetically gifted athlete getting world-class medical care. So getting back sooner isn't out of the question, either. Bottom line, you'll see him when you see him, and in the meantime Bryan McClendon will have to make due with Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, Sony Michel, Brendan Douglas, and A.J. Turman. Poor guy. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!