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Where We Go From Here: What Are Reasonable Expectations For The 2014 Georgia Bulldogs?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Bulldogs currently sit at 0-1 in the SEC. They're looking up at, among others, a Florida Gator squad who needed triple overtime to beat Kentucky, and the Gamecock unit which once again squeaked by them last night. Mark Richt accurately noted last night that the 'Dawgs are far from out of it in the SEC East race. In fact they're in their now customary position of looking up at South Carolina and waiting to see if the Gamecocks will slip up and let them off the mat.

The thing is that this year it's reasonably possible. While in the past the Red and Black have been hoping for two South Carolina losses going forward, thanks to the Fighting Spurriers' opening Thursday loss to Texas A&M, Georgia needs the Gamecocks to lose only once more. And with trips to both Auburn and Gainesville on the schedule, one more SEC loss isn't out of the question by any stretch.

The bigger variable in the equation is what this Bulldog team does going forward. They travel to Missouri, which looks if not like a national title contender at least like a tough out. There's the annual trip to Will Muschamp's least favorite place in the universe. But the 'Dawgs get Tennessee and Auburn at home. A road trip to Little Rock to face Arkansas has the potential for some weirdness, but the Bulldogs will certainly be favored in that one.

All of which begs the question: what should Bulldog fans expect out of this newly vulnerable Bulldog team in 2014? Vote in the poll below, and feel free to discuss and/or justify your answers in the comments below. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!