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Second Half Open Comment Thread: Adjustments Welcome.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The 'Dawgs are getting ready to take the kickoff to start the second half in Columbia down 24-13. Steve Spurrier is a solid 56-9 when leading at the half during his tenure as the chief Cock in South Carolina, so it's no revelation to say that the odds are not necessarily in favor of the Red and Black. If there's a bright spot it's the hope that Georgia will adjust at halftime the same way they did against Clemson two weeks ago.

That would be . . .appropriate. Because so far there's a lot to improve on. Dylan Thompson has thrown for over 200 yards in the first half and but for a couple of dropped passes could have more. The pass rush led by Leonard Floyd that harassed Cole Stoudt and Deshaun Watson in the second half in Athens two weeks ago has yet to make an appearance. Mike Davis has been effective enough to keep the passing lanes open, and the Bulldog secondary has actually looked worse in coverage than they did in the first half of the Clemson game. Throw in a pass interference call that erased an interception, a highly questionable holding call that erased a Todd Gurley touchdown run, and the Classic City Canines trail by about the margin you'd expect.

So let's hope for a turnaround here. Feel free to be frustrated, but please keep it civil toward your fellow commenters. We'll be back with the post game thread shortly, win, lose or draw.

Go 'Dawgs!!!