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Georgia/South Carolina First Half Open Comment Thread.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while since a University of Georgia football game was analyzed, dissected, debated, and subjected to armchair pigskin cogitation like this game has been. We've looked at the Georgia receiving corps, Mike Davis's health, Steve Spurrier's motivation, Dylan Thompson's weaknesses, and Todd Gurley's strengths. We even drank on it in an effort to figure out how this thing might shake out.

In the end I think, in true SEC fashion, the team that plays best up front wins this one. If the leaner, faster Bulldog offensive line doesn't wilt in the oppressive Columbia heat and the defensive front makes Dylan Thompson get a tad twitchy in the pocket, everything will come up roses. However if the 'Dawgs give the Gamecocks and the home crowd reason to be excited at the outset, as we saw in 2012, Williams-Brice can become very inhospitable very fast.

But enough talking. Let's play ball.

Go 'Dawgs!!!