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UGA/South Carolina: Numbers To Know.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports
Who: #6 Georgia at #24 South Carolina

What: An SEC football game that may give the winner the inside track in the SEC East. A South Carolina loss would functionally put the Gamecocks 1.5 games behind the Bulldogs in the East following their week one loss to Texas A&M. Remember, a cornered Spurrier is a dangerous Spurrier.

Where: Williams-Brice Stadium, a fantastic place to tailgate and watch football if you're a big fan of strip malls and hate grass, trees, and shade but love double entendres regarding male genitalia.

When: Kickoff at 3:39 p.m. Eastern.

How: Television on CBS with a crew of Uncle Verne Lundquist & Gary Danielson in the booth and Allie LaForce on the sideline. Radio across the Bulldog Radio Network.

Why: I can't believe anyone would really ask this.

This is Numbers To Know, in which we take a look at several totally out of context statistical items which may (or may not) make the difference in this afternoon's game against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Let's get straight to the math. The numbers you need to know are these:

200. The number of SEC wins currently possessed by Steve Spurrier. One shy of Vince Dooley's total of 201. Not tonight. Not against us. Please.

15. Number of wins the Head Ball Coach has over Georgia. He's currently tied with Auburn (and Georgia) great Shug Jordan.

5/1. The odds you'll get at gambling site BovadaLV on a wager for Todd Gurley to win the Heisman Trophy, the best odds of any contender for the award. Oregon QB Marcus Mariotta is next at 11/2.

1133. Yards given up through two games by the Gamecock defense. It's the most in the SEC, and it's not even close.

0. The net turnover margin for both the 'Dawgs and Gamecocks. While turnovers may well be a huge factor in this one, neither team has yet established a propensity for either giving or taking the ball away. Yet.

20. Number out of Todd Gurley's 30 carries in last year's game against South Carolina that came on first down. Gurley averaged 5.2 yards on those carries. If that happens again and Georgia finds itself in 2nd and 4 or 5 situations all afternoon, the Gamecocks will be in trouble.

And . . .20. The current ranking of Missouri, the only currently ranked squad on Georgia's schedule after Saturday until they host Auburn (currently ranked 5th) in November. Every week in the SEC is a chance to go down. Tennessee may not be the pushover some thought, and the jury's still out on the Florida Gators. But it's no stretch to imagine that the 'Dawgs could be favored from here to their late season matchup with the Plainsmen. If they take care of business this afternoon.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!