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The Friday Tailgate: A Statistically Superior Way To Waste Time.

Scott Cunningham

Maestro, a little music for driving to Columbia:

This is the Friday tailgate, the place where we cool our heels while waiting for the weekend in college football to begin in ernest. It's the place for you tograce us with your weekend predictions, to give voice to your fears and worries about Saturday's game, and to generally shoot the bull about whatever pops into your collective heads.

Among the things that have popped into my head:

  • Could the NFL be any more of a train wreck? There was a time not so long ago when it looked like the best run professional sports league by a mile. Now it appears that it handles scandals with the agility and deft touch of a freshman hackie-sacking after going over to Bacarri Rambo's place for brownies.
  • Speaking of poorly run shenanigans, you may have heard that the Atlanta Hawks, with a fractured ownership group and no apparent strategy other than simply surviving the day, qualify as just that. If in spite of it all you find yourself rooting for the #HWAKS, you really need to take a look at what Kris Willis and the crew over at Peachtree Hoops are doing. They're really providing great coverage of a series of horrible situations.
  • I saw an interesting statistic this afternoon. Apparently Georgia is leading the nation in rushing yards per carry on second down with an impressive 8.7 per play. South Carolina is giving up a blended 7.4 YPC on second and third downs, second worst among Power 5 teams. What do we make of this? For starters, small sample size is small. But another key point is that Georgia was able to kill Clemson on second down because they were also able to avoid getting behind the chains on first down. 2nd and 5 gives you way more plausible playcalling options than 2nd and 12. Not that Mike Bobo is concerned with what statistically makes sense vis-a-vis down and distance. It's the element of surprise that puts the wind is his sails, man.
  • Also isn't it amazing how quickly and authoritatively the term "Power 5" entered the college football lexicon?

So feel free to discuss any of these topics, or topics of your own choosing until such time as you can stop concealing from your boss that you're not working and actually hanging out on a college sports blog. Also feel free to use this as your open thread for tonight's college football action. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!