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Cocktail Thursday: Gamecock Edition.

If it's Thursday and you're still not sure what kind of football team Mark Richt has, you may need a drink. Allow me to help.

Scott Cunningham

This will be relevant shortly, I promise. (Warning: PG-13 language).

There are an awful lot of question marks surrounding this weekend's contest between your Georgia Bulldogs and the Palmetto State Poultry. Which of two senior career backup QB's will do enough to lead his team to victory? Which questionable secondary will make enough stops to not lose the game? Which much-vaunted tailback will take over the afternoon? Which visor-wearing son of a gun will forget that he doesn't have to say everything he thinks?

Actually that last one's more of a Gamecock-exclusive issue. But you get my point. Analyzing this game feels a lot like looking at two sides of the same coin and guessing which will land topside. But I think that the biggest overlooked factor in this one may be the Bulldog linebacking corps. This will be the group tasked with both shutting down Mike Davis when he gets to the second level and getting to Dylan Thompson before he can get to his second read. They will also get pressed into service in pass defense, whether for better or (as we saw in Columbia in 2012) for worse. This veteran group is going to have to have great game if the Bulldogs are to prevail.

So let's honor one of those 'backers by toasting to his success. Leonard Floyd had a banner game against Clemson, making Cole Stoudt's life miserable even by the standards of one forced to reside in Clemson (we kid, we kid). He's placed a target on his back in the process. Believe me, Dylan Thompson will know where the bad man from Eastman is lined up on every snap. Unfortunately for him, Jeremy Pruitt is well known for getting players into the backfield from locations where you weren't expecting them. We saw hints of this during the Clemson game, especially in the second half, when Pruitt brought a variety of twists and stunts that Clemson clearly was not prepared so see executed at high speed. To be fair, after last season seeing a Bulldog defense do anything at high speed may have been shocking enough. But I digress.

If Leonard Floyd matches his production from week one you will know that he is in fact a grown man. Even if he doesn't, his presence will likely clear a path for some of his cohorts. So let's toast to the disruptive force that is Leonard Floyd by enjoying a Pink Floyd.

It's nothing fancy. But it is cold, because it's going to be hot as blue blazes in Columbia. The Pink Floyd is simply 8 ounces of Sierra Mist lemon-lime soda mixed with 1 and 1/2 ounces of light rum, 1 ounce of dark rum, a dash of apricot liqueur and a splash of grenadine over ice (because, pink).

What's that you say? Why would a bruising linebacker be associated with a froo-froo pink drink? Because it's also deceptively potent. Just like a disguised backside linebacker blitz. So drink up, and let's (with apologies to the Mayor) #JBSC.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the Thursday night NFL and college football action. Until later  . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!