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National Game of Disinterest (Week 3)

As a general rule, college football is better than anything that is not college football, but not all college football is created equal.

Let's see Hutson do this again when the clock hits triple zeros.
Let's see Hutson do this again when the clock hits triple zeros.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Having discussed our non-UGA SEC Game of Interest and our National Game of Interest, it is now time to identify this week's National Game of Disinterest. This is the game so devoid of any redeeming qualities that not even fans of the two participating schools will deign to watch more than a couple of quarters. This week's slate of games is pretty sad. There's just a lot of bad football happening over the next couple of days.

We had a hard time singling any one game out, so we are forced to declare a 19-way tie between Wyoming at No. 2 Oregon, Air Force at Georgia State, UC Davis at Colorado State, Indiana State at Ball State, Alabama A&M at UAB, Kansas at Duke, Miami (OH) at Michigan, Arkansas State at Miami (FL), North Carolina State at South Florida, Arkansas at Texas Tech, Iowa State at Iowa, Louisiana-Lafayette at No. 14 Ole Miss, Mississippi State at South Alabama, Minnesota at TCU, Illinois at Washington, Army at No. 15 Stanford, Western Michigan at Idaho, Southern Miss at No. 3 Alabama, and Eastern Michigan at Old Dominion.

What separates these 19 games from all the other dreck this week? What makes a diverse set of games being played by teams from each major conference -- some of which are even ranked -- so unworthy of anyone's time or attention? Timing. Each of these games is being played in whole or in part during what is hands down, no doubt, no ifs, ands, or buts the most compelling game of the week: your No. 6 Georgia Bulldogs at the No. 24 South Carolina Gamecocks.

As T. Kyle King has repeatedly noted in the comments this week, winning this game is the only thing that matters, so let's not waste any time thinking about anything else. Let's go out there and win the South Carolina state championship. Let's put ourselves firmly in control of the SEC East. Let's put this thing away in the first half. Let's score more points in Columbia than Texas A&M did. Let's put the rest of the country on notice that we're the team to beat in this conference. Let's whup the Ole Ball Coach into an early retirement. And most importantly, let's

Go Dawgs!