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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: At Least Play Some Hootie, You Heathens.

It's Thursday morning which means you are less than 48 hours away from another Georgia Bulldog game day. You've got a lot to do before beginning your football weekend, however. So let's take a quick and dirty look at the big news going on in Bulldog Nation this morning.

SEC Power Poll Week 3: Georgia Leads the Way Again as Alabama Lands No. 2 Spot - Team Speed Kills

The Bulldogs' are becoming even more entrenched at the top of our rankings, and Vanderbilt continues to be the unanimous choice for the bottom. Everything else is open to discussion. For what it's worth, I think we'll get some more clarity this weekend from the big game in Columbia, Florida's matchup with Kentucky, and Tennessee's trip to Oklahoma.

Lack of depth leads to opportunities for UGA wideout Kenneth Towns | DogBytes Online
Coaches and players alike have singled Towns out as one to watch going forward. It's been said that he is one of the receivers you may not have heard of who is capable of making big plays. The more I think about our wide receiver situation heading into this weekend, the more nervous I get. So I hope that they're right.

Georgia football quick hitters: Preparing for Sandstorm, Space Odyssey and more… | DogBytes Online
Two observations: the playing of Sandstorm is easily one of the dumbest traditions in SEC football. There, I said it. This is meant as no slight to South Carolina fans individually or to their athletic program generally. I just think the playing of a mid 90s electronica song as pump up music is pretty weak sauce. For God sake man, you have the entire Hootie & the Blowfish catalog at your disposal. Use it!

Second, the best way to not hear that particular dumb song is to not give the Gamecocks any good reason to play it. Not necessarily easy, but devilishly effective.

Bulldogs DB Terry may see snaps against former home-state school | Online Athens
Having Tramel Terry along on the trip is good for a variety of reasons. One, increased depth in the defensive backfield is never a bad thing. Two, he should provide another speedy set of legs on special teams. And three, if things do go nuclear in terms of our wide receiver depth he makes a nice emergency option.

Bulldogs Open Fall Season Friday - Georgia Official Athletic Site
In non-football news, the men's tennis team will open the 2014-15 season Friday by playing host to the 47th annual Southern Intercollegiate Championships at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex. The four-day tournament will feature 139 players from 26 different schools. It would be a lot cooler if Coach Magill were there for it.

That ought to get you started on your day. Wie'll be back later with much, much more to get you ready for this weekend. Until then…

Go 'Dawgs!!!