Former Dawgs in Louisville... but not the football kind

The PGA Championship is underway at Valhalla outside of Louisville, KY. Formerly known as Glory's Last Stand, it is really just the 4th and final major of 2014, but has more importance for Ryder Cup and FedEx Cup points. It started early this morning and will continue through Sunday. After two rounds (Thurs/Fri), the top 70 players plus ties will play two more rounds over the weekend. We have seven Bulldogs teeing it up, and none are named Grantham, Wiggins, or Harvey-Clemons.

I'll give an update a couple of times a day. Feel free to use this as an open thread on the PGA, golf, or why 1968-72 for The Rolling Stones was the greatest run of rock 'n roll albums the world has ever seen.

Time to hunker down in Kentucky (I'll skip the obligatory hunker/bunker reference).

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