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Sunday Morning Dawg Bites: Clemson Suffers Acute Aspirin/Ice Shortages.

Scott Cunningham

There are few feelings more enjoyable than waking on the Sunday morning following a big Bulldog victory and realizing anew exactly how awesome it was. I had that feeling this morning, and I hope you did too. Here's what a few other folks had to say about what went down last night, including some insights from the other side of Lake Hartwell.

Mason has a quiet and 'very solid' game for Georgia | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
Hutson Mason on his evening: "Only 130 yards in the pass game, but I felt like those 130 yards off 26 pass attempts made them honor the passing game." I may be a cro-magnon football fan, but I have no problem with a passing game whose primary objective is to make it a bit easier to run the dang ball.

Postgame report: Todd Gurley on defense: ‘Oh, man, they were incredible’ | DogBytes Online

Some good quotes and notes from Marc Weiszer of the Banner Herald, including Todd Gurley saying that the plan's been for him to return kicks all along, and Mark Richt talking about whether Reggie Davis has settled into the starting punt return job.

Swinney: "Eventually that catches up with you."
Video of Dabo Swinney's post-game conference in which he pointed out the 24 yard per possession disparity in starting field position (UGA averaged starting at its 43, Clemson at its own 19). Swinney is right that this was a big difference in the game, but he's wrong to say it was THE difference. Pinning Georgia 10 yards deeper in the second half would have only forced Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb to run 10 yards further. It wouldn't have stopped them. The truth is that the Bulldog offensive line took control of the game late, especially in the middle, where David Andrews pushed Grady Jarrett out of the way more and more easily as the night wore on.

The Heisman campaign begins for Todd Gurley - The Red and Black : Football
And so it begins. I'm not a fan of the Heisman Trophy. I think it utilizes a flawed voting process and is more about savvy P.R. strategies than actual onfield accomplishment. That being said, having a Heisman candidate is a boon for team visibility and recruiting. And darn it, Todd Gurley deserves every honor he can get, because the guy is just transcendent.

Video: Leonard Floyd Postgame Interview - Bulldawg Illustrated
Logan Booker from Bulldog Illustrated talked briefly with Leonard Floyd after the game, and the linebacker explained pretty succinctly how Georgia got more and more pressure on the Clemson QBs as the game wore on: "We just kept on coming 100 miles per hour. I guess they just got tired of blocking us." Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but let's get a little ahead of ourselves. David Pollack holds the Georgia career sacks record with 36, and Jarvis Jones holds the single season record with 14.5. Floyd has 8.5 in one year plus one game. Unless he stays for his senior season, I don't foresee him catching Pollack. But if you told me Floyd has 13 more sacks in him this season, I'd have no reason to disbelieve you.

Tailback Nick Chubb Commits To Georgia. - Dawg Sports
You don't have to go back and reread Dawg Sports' story on Nick Chubb's UGA commitment from 14 months ago. But I did find it funny that at the time his future role was described thusly: "There comes a time in every football game in which you just need to line up and run over people. The 220 pound Chubb is going to be asked to do that in the future." Full disclosure, we didn't expect him to do it so soon or so emphatically.

CLEMSON: Georgia fans might have their eyes on Chad Morris during Clemson game | Clemson Tigers | The State
I'm not sure the guy who wrote this is properly medicated. L.O.L. If anything, Clemson fans should be passing the offering plate to bring Jeremy Pruitt to town to tell them how he keeps stoning Morris's high powered offense.

Auburn ball boy has serious speed, nearly sprints past receiver Melvin Ray |
"You think your team is fast? Heck, our ball boy's faster that you!"

DaveThe Dawg will be along in a little bit with his 15 Thoughts on last night's game. And we'll have more Bulldog coverage this afternoon. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!