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Beyond the Hedges can feel it coming in the air

Huddle up!
Huddle up!
University of Georgia Sports Information

As September draws near, the weather cools, and we can feel it.  Fall is coming.  That means football, and school, and weather where you can spend more than a few minutes outdoors in the south before breaking a sweat.  But football isn't all that's being played, so let's take a look at what's going on at UGA outside of those hedges everyone will be fully focused inside of around 5:30 tomorrow evening.


Georgia's ladies had a win at home, and a draw to kick off the season on the road at Ole Miss, last weekend.  This weekend, they'll take Horace Greeley's advice and head west to take on Long Beach State and Cal State Fullerton.    (See here for the team's thoughts now that they've landed.)  Tonight's 10 p.m. eastern game against Long Beach, and Sunday's 4 p.m. game against Fullerton will both be available for live audio on  They'll be back in Athens next week hosting Houston Friday and Central Florida Sunday at the complex off Milledge Avenue.


The tall Dawgs around a net followed the soccer team, or perhaps the soccer team followed them, as Lizzy Stemke's ladies will take on a trio of squads at the University of San Francisco in a tournament today and tomorrow.   Tonight at 7 eastern, they'll begin their season taking on Fordham.  Tomorrow at 1:30 will see a match with SMU, while host San Francisco takes on the Dawgs at 10.  Stemke is yet to lose a season opener since taking over as head coach in Athens (3-0), but then again, this will be her first season opener not in Athens too.  The girls will return to host a tournament of their own next weekend against Belmont, Chattanooga, and College of Charleston.  Unfortunately, this weekend's matches do not have live audio coverage on


While the pros are teeing it up in Boston (in a field including several Dawgs, among them Russell Henley who sits second in the very early going as I type), the current crop of Chris Haack's hackers will be, you guessed it, out in California this weekend. The Carmel Cup is in Pebble Beach, with our boys getting going at 1 along with Vandy, Oklahoma St, and Texas Tech.  Georgia has six golfers in this event, with the best 5 having their scores count towards the team total, in senior captain Mookie DeMoss, fellow senior Nicholas Reach, juniors Sepp Straka and Lee McCoy, sophomore Greyson Sigg, and freshman Zach Healy.


They host the Bulldog Invitational in Athens next weekend.  That's all I got for now.


Yeah, I'm excited too, so I had to include just a touch of it.  For those of us outside the hedges who want to get inside, you got until Tuesday to pony up considerable cash to do so.  As you can see from the link, you would need to be able to act appropriately while out there, but you (or your child) can go snag the kickoff tee during the Troy game, with bidding currently over $700 for that pleasure.

Also, if you gotta see live football now and just can't wait any longer FOOTBALL PLEASE HURRY!, well, I got your fix.  All over the great state of Georgia, young men are going to pop the pads tonight.  Lots of quality athletes, future SEC stars, and just damn good people participate get their high school football seasons going tonight.  Those of you already in the Athens area ready to tailgate can run over to Clarke Central on Milledge Avenue where the Galdiators, and 2016 stud JaQua Daniels does his best Todd Gurley impresonation against Hart County at 7.Or if you're not in Athens, check this listing off all the games around this state for the best contest near you. Like at Georgia, football brings in the cash that helps a lot of these schools pay for several programs they have, not just the one using a pigskin, so support your local kids and go watch some great games tonight.