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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: A Big Recruiting Weekend And Thousands Of Happy Aggies.

Streeter Lecka

You have one more workday to make it through before game day. Congratulations on getting this far. We'll be back later today with more pre game standards, including the always entertaining Friday Tailgate. But for now here's what's news in Bulldog Nation, and the college football world in general:

Texas A&M Aggies Blast South Carolina Gamecocks, 52-28, Shaking Up the Season - Team Speed Kills
Brandon Larrabee laments that up is down, down is up, and the Gamecocks' season looks poised to go sideways after Thursday night's 52-28 loss to Texas A&M. If possible, it may have looked worse than the score indicated.


The gang over at Good Bull Hunting on the other hand is, understandably, in a slightly better mood.

Can Georgia stretch the field without Mitchell and Scott-Wesley? | DogBytes Online
Marc Weiszer asks what many have been thinking about a Bulldog offense that will take the field tomorrow without Justin Scott-Wesley or Malcolm Mitchell. For my part I think Chris Conley is a perfectly good deep threat, as is Reggie Davis. I'd also keep an eye on Jonathon Rumph, whose size is a big asset on those downfield jump balls. - 5 Young Guns Coming to Town
We'll have a more thorough list of confirmed visitors for the Clemson game tonight. But for now Jake Reuse has a list of 5 standout underclassmen who'll be in the house.

Alabama roots unite Swinney and three Georgia coaches | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |

Dabo Swinney breaks down Georgia, both on offense and defense. And Jimbo Fisher says he's not 'ticked' at Jeremy Pruitt for leaving Florida State.

So there you go. Now get out there, and do what you have to do before the real fun starts. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!