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Thursday Night College Football Open Thread.

There's not enough butter in the Peach State to quell my excitement.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally here! In just moments South Carolina and Texas A&M will kick things off in Columbia, setting the SEC football season in motion. I've often employed the phrase "it's all over but the shouting", however, in this instance it seems we can now get started because the combatants are done standing around shouting at each other.

Johnny Manziel is busy doing Johnny Freakin' Football things in Cleveland (read: learning to hold the clipboard just right...) and Connor Shaw has likewise moved on to the life of a future Arena Football League star. But rest assured you'll hear plenty about both of them tonight. Not to mention that defensive end the Gamecocks had last season who got drafted pretty high. He didn't do jack squat against Georgia, so I've kind of forgotten his name. Maybe if he played for one of our rivals...

And of course Ole Miss is taking on Boise State tonight in the Georgia Dome. I sense this is not quite the same Boise State squad that beat the 'Dawgs with a metaphorical sack of nickels back in 2011. Also look for this to be the beginning of Ole Miss fans' Bo Wallace Heisman campaign, which will end later this fall when Alabama, Auburn, and LSU initiate delicensure proceedings against Dr. Bo. But for now there's beer in the fridge and SEC football on television. Life is good. So have fun, be nice to your fellow 'Dawg, and take it all in.