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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: The Ole Ball Coach, Freshmen Thrown In The Deep End, And Music To Cocktail Party To.

Sam Greenwood

There is an actual FBS football game tonight, but before we get there here are the headlines to get your day going:

Georgia Sports Blog: Steve Spurrier's tenure at South Carolina
Tyler Dawgden considers the consideration of Steve Spurrier's South Carolina tenure by SB Nation's own Brandon Larrabee, and comes away with a sound conclusion: improving facilities, recruiting better, and having one of the best coaches in the country helps win more football games, even if the payoff isn't immediate. I would add that South Carolina recruiting better may partially be a function of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Clemson all going through a rough patch at roughly the same time. It's a lot easier not to lose players to out-of-state schools when they suck too. It also hasn't hurt that the state of South Carolina has produced some really transcendent football players in the past 5-7 years (Latimore, Clowney, Alshon Jeffery etc.).

Punt Brothers podcast: Every football team is going to be good -
Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni talk to Bill Connelly about how to turn around college football programs, what the big deal with Bobby Petrino's offense is, and the intersection of the U.S Open and UCLA football (spoiler, Jim Mora will eventually get kicked out of both).

Richt cautions not to go 'too crazy' about current depth chart | Online Athens
Coach Richt says what should probably go without saying: the depth chart released on Monday is really not worth the paper it's printed on. Anyone who had the experience of trying to figure out who the 5'9, 160 pound safety who unexpectedly started the 2003 Clemson game (Answer: some guy named Tra Battle. He turned out okay).

Several UGA Freshmen Will Definitely Play Versus Clemson- Bulldawg Illustrated
In addition to poo-pooing depth charts Coach Richt also confirmed that freshmen Lorenzo Carter, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Isaiah McKenzie, Dominick Sanders, and Jeb Blazevich are expected to play against Clemson. While he was less certain about offensive linemen Dyshon Sims and Isaiah Wynn, I'd expect to see them in the game as well. Based on the (tightly controlled) evidence from practice and pure guesswork, I'd also expect to see Detric Bing-Dukes and some combination of Shattle Fenteng, Malkom Parrish, and Rico Johnson.

Florida Georgia Line to headline Georgia-Florida concert event Oct. 31 | Online Athens
If you're headed down for the WLOCP and you're a fan of formulaic pop country and/or cliched, radio-friendly tunes about moonshine, jacked up trucks, and girls in cutoffs, I bet I know where you'll be Halloween night. Take Will Muschamp with you. He could afford to let his hair down.

So there you have it. We'll be back throughout the day with more stuff to get you ready for kickoff. But for now, get out there! Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!!