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SB Nation Explains College Football in 25 Handy Maps.

Oli Scarff

We here at Dawg Sports obviously view the college football world through red and black glasses (which may explain why it all seems so opaque, but whatever) but SB Nation has some really great college football writers who are not fortunate enough to be Georgia fans. Some of those great writers have collated a resource which will fill about an hour of your day, guaranteed. It's the 25 Maps That Explain College Football.

Don't think the cacophony of college pigskin can be cartographically distilled? You're so wrong. From the spread of the sport through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to its shift from New England's pastimes to a game played best in the South and West, we've got you covered. There are explanations of where the best recruits are, which schools are most hated in each state, and which are the most prominent local brews enjoyed at tailgates. As someone who has long argued that the University of Georgia would be better at football if the states of Alabama* and South Carolina hadn't located their Ag & Mechanical colleges a stone's throw from the state's border**, this is all very germane to my interests. I hope you'll check it out as well. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*You really need to follow this link solely for the epic troll job on the University of Alabama.

**It would have also been helpful if Florida didn't put their teachers' college 45 minutes south of Thomasville, then turn it coed and give it a football team.