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The Return of the Friday Tailgate

Sam Greenwood

Maestro, some foot stomping music to get the tailgate started:

This is the Friday Tailgate, the place where we gather in lieu of doing productive work on Friday afternoon to instead talk about college football, bourbon, guitars that tune good, the infield fly rule, and whatever else just happens to come up.

One could for example see a discussion of the newly minted SEC Network, which went live last night with great fanfare. I for one thought the initial "whip around" coverage went great. I think the trick will be continuing to fill the time leading up to kickoff with good content.

One could also discuss the Bulldog fullback situation, and what Merritt Hall's unfortunate medical disqualification means for the Bulldog offense. I suspect it means the coaches will see what guys like Taylor Maxey and Detric Bing-Dukes can do, and that we'll see less of Quayvon Hicks in the H-back role if they're not ready, and more if they are. I also think that Jay Rome's health and the development of Jordan Davis and Jeb Blazevich will play a real factor in the personnel sets we see going forward.

Finally, one could consider what young Bulldogs are most likely to have breakout performances in 2014. I for one would keep an eye on Blake Tibbs at receiver and Greg Pyke on the offensive line, and Corey Moore in the secondary. All are guys who have seemed on the cusp of becoming contributors, even key contributors at one time if another. Now it seems that they've all reached the point at which their "getting it" is not only helpful, but mandatory. Moore in particular is a senior who has always had the physical tools to be a force, has flirted with the starting rotation, but has now emerged as a vocal veteran leader in what seems sometimes to be a perennially inexperienced unit.

Or, again, one could go in a different direction altogether. The choice, collectively, is yours. So grab a plate and the beverage of your choice, pull up a chair, and join us under the virtual tailgate tent. It's about to be that time. Until later....

Go Dawgs!!!