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Georgia has their annual pool day, and Detric Bing-Dukes is now a FB

Sadly, no Triple Lindys were performed yesterday.
Sadly, no Triple Lindys were performed yesterday.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's become a yearly tradition of fall camp for Georgia.  Some of us used to have watermelon day during fall camp, where one practice was stopped short so everyone could eat fresh, delicious watermelons preferably from the Watermelon Capital of the World.  Well, Mark Richt keeps the water but forgets the melon when he takes his Dawgs to the Ramsey Student Center to test the high dive and have some fun in the pool. Of course, this has also spawned a yearly tradition of Georgia fans complaining about a valuable practice day being wasted, so have at it in the comments.

In on the field news, freshman LB Detric Bing-Dukes is no longer a LB. The Tucker product is admirably and willingly filling a short term need for Mike Bobo's offense now that Quayvon Hicks is a TE (or H Back) full time, and Merritt Hall is out injured.  And while Georgia loaded up on LBs in the 2013 class, this move could create issues going forward, as it leaves Mark Richt having brought in only Lamont Galliard, Keyon Brown, and Lorenzo Carter as new members of the defensive front 7 this year.  But thankfully, the staff is looking to increase that number in the 2015 haul.