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Top Instate Recruit Trenton Thompson Commits To The Bulldogs!

Scott Cunningham

It wasn't a very suspenseful announcement. In fact, pretty much everyone, even the recruiting analysts paid to gin up excitement for the other contenders, agreed long ago that it was going to happen.

But frankly, who cares? When the top player in the state of Georgia, and arguably the top player in the country, decides to commit to the Georgia Bulldogs it's reason for exultation.

SB Nation's own Bud Elliott did a great recruiting breakdown of Thompson over the summer, and his assessment lines up with mine. While it's hard for fans to understand sometimes, college recruiters select players based not on high school production but on collegiate potential. In this case, Thompson's high school production is at the top of the class while his potential at the next level is head and shoulders above the fray.

At 6'4 and 292 pounds headed into his senior season he's still fairly lean, has a broad upper body without being too thick, and could easily play at 305 to 310 pounds without losing a step. He's quick enough off the ball that the Bulldogs could consider using him at end (especially in a 3-4 look). But Thompson will make his mark at the nose, controlling the line of scrimmage with a combination of quickness and power that's all but unmatched among his fellow 2015 defensive tackles. The things Thompson needs to work on (attack angle, using his hands, pass rush technique) are all things that are imminently teachable. His raw athleticism at 290+ pounds just can't be taught.

There's a reason that Georgia beat out the past two SEC champions for Thompson's signature. This is a kid who truly could have gone anywhere. But special kudos need to go to Jeremy Pruitt and Tracy Rocker for keeping him in the fold when the prior staff scattered across the country. On this night, it's great to be a Georgia Bulldog. Welcome to the Bulldog Nation, Trenton! And . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!