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Man down: Dawgs lose WR Malcolm Mitchell and a DB recruit

Sam Greenwood

Every now and then, we joke about pessimism as Georgia fans.  We come by this trait honestly, thanks to the ingrained mindset put forth by Vince Dooley and Larry Munson, among others.  This fear and pain is something we carry with us, it makes us who we are. We don't want it to go away, because we need it.

Thankfully this off season has given us a lot of good reasons to doubt.  You'd have thought the defensive turmoil and dismissals would have been enough, but not for Georgia fans.  What we really need is a significant injury to an expected big contributor before practice has even begun.  That'll let the dark side flow through us.  Well, what'ya know.

Malcolm Mitchell has been plagued by injury throughout his Bulldog career.  He had nagging muscle injuries as a freshman and sophomore, then blew out an ACL on a celebratory chest bump in the season opener last year.  Now he has some cartilage issues to be cleaned up in his knee, with reports saying he'll recover at an unspecified time (2-4 weeks based on past similar procedures).

Mitchell has proven himself as a go-to, big play receiver when healthy, but that staying healthy thing has been a constant issue.  Still, there's reason to think he could still be on the field for Clemson, or at least South Carolina.  And in the meanwhile we still have Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Reggie Davis, and Jonathon Rumph, among others.  So this isn't horrible news, but it's not good news.

In more, not the end of the world but still not wanted news, DB recruit Rico McGraw has flipped from Georgia to Alabama.  But we've got over 6 months until signing day, and as the report indicates this may not be the last time the Nashville native changes his mind.

Oh, and football practice begins today.  HOORAY!  Now stop getting hurt!