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The Ole Ballsy Coach Is Up To His Old Tricks.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

When Spurrier's Not Grinning, You Shouldn't Be Either.

The old saw is that when Steve Spurrier isn't running his mouth, you know he's got a pretty good team. If that holds true then Spurrier will once again field a team that wins 9 or 10 games, but not an SEC title. Because his 2014 SEC Media Day could be best described as "feisty", though not "meet me in the parking lot with a 9 iron if you got a problem with it."

"We've got a pretty good team, we think", opined Spurrier, in perhaps the driest filet o' quote that crusty buzzard has ever grilled up at SEC Media Days. Really, he usually orders at Krispy Kreme with more zing.

Asked about preparing for Texas A&M he sagely notes that "We worry about ourselves more than the opponent." He conceded that Pharoh Cooper is "a good one" and adds "we have a lot of good receivers." What is this crap? Where is the man I have loved to hate since he single-handedly ruined 7 straight Georgia/Florida games during my youth?

He did tell Jessie Palmer that his current starter Dylan Thompson is "not as pretty as you"* and "knows how to tie a gosh-darned necktie" And Spurrier thinks it's "sad" that Texas and Texas A&M don't play each other any more (though he missed the opportunity to needle the Longhorns for this one). But still we're getting warmer.

Oh yeah, he pointed out that Dylan Thompson was "the only quarterback in America to beat UCF" last year. Then compared new media member Stephen Garcia to a member of the Duck Dynasty cast and told a reporter of Garcia's long term prospects "He's got a chance. Heck, you guys made it."

And there we are. He's back.

Tale of the Twitter

Once again we look for some of the choice reactions on social media from Spurrier's time at the lectern. Among my favorites:

And finally, a gentle reminder . . .

So there's that. Steve Spurrier has no Jadeveon Clowney, no Connor Shaw, no Kelcy Quarles, and no discernible secondary. But make no mistake, Steve Spurrier returns a quarterback who's played meaningful snaps over a period of years. He's got perhaps the best offensive line in the league. In Mike Davis he's got a true thoroughbred of a tailback. Counting South Carolina out in the SEC East would be quite the mistake, even if it's one I desprately want to make. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

* Actual thing said by Steve Spurrier.

** Actual thing that should have been said by Steve Spurrier but wasn't.