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Fifth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast - Details & T-Shirt Contest

Last year's party is but a distant memory for some while others have absolutely no recollection what-so-ever of such an event. Here's everything you want to know about this year's party.

Kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kill it Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kill it!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill it Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawg Sports Member

Oh My God Y'all, we've got less than 50 days to go until actual, Honest to God FOOTBALL!  I can hardly believe this year will be the Fifth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast, but I searched the archives and confirmed.  Five years ago our Mayor Emeritus, T. Kyle King said he hoped it would become an annual event, well my dear Mayor, at this point I believe we can say you hoped correctly.  Regardless of how the game turns out, (we're 2 & 2)  the fellowship & food are always big highlights of the event.

Despite reports that last year's Goat Roast was "a festive occasion turned sour" and several members of the community were injured and or ejected, your Dawg Sports staff has decided to forget about past indiscretions (names withheld to protect everyone), let bygones be bygones and move smartly forward.  It's a new year, we're a new team and all is forgiven.  In case you were wondering, all injuries sustained last year have healed and we're all in fabulous form and ready to go.

After careful consideration of this year's schedule, the date is set:  October 11th for the Mizzou Game.  The Dawg Sports Community will gather in Athens at The Blind Pig Tavern on Baldwin Street an hour before game time.  Why the Blind Pig?  Well the food is good, the drinks are plentiful, they treat us real good and frankly, last year when I asked if we could smear cake on the door frame, they said, "Well that's a little strange, but you're giving me cake, so go ahead."

No goats have been injured at any of the past roasts, instead a lovely lady down in HoCo (my old stomping grounds) graciously provides a delectable treat in the form of a Goat- shaped cake.  If anyone is interested in actually sacrificing a live goat at the arch or elsewhere, y'all will have to plan that amongst yourselves.

So we've got the date & the place, what we need now is some T-Shirts.  I'm gonna just tell ya'll, we've had some spectacular T-shirt designs in the past.  As always, we'll have a fan vote for the selection and then t-shirts will be available for purchase online.  Those of you who've done this in the past already know the drill, for the rest of you, get out your pencil & paper or your fancy computer programs and draw us up your idea.  All we ask is that somewhere in your design, you include all of the following details:

Dawg Sports

Fifth Annual Sacrificial Goat Roast

Blind Pig Tavern

You may include the date & location if you like, but it's not required.  The Dawg Sports O-fficial logo as seen on the website may also be included or not as you like.  If you'd like to include it, just leave a spot for it and we'll get it in there.

Once you've completed your picture, upload it in the comments section below and we'll get the voting started.

I hope to see all y'all at the party.  Until then....