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Free Form Friday Is Making The Grade.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Maestro, the music, provided by Lee Bains, III and the Glory Fires, who I strongly urge you to go see when they come to your town. They are coming to mine on July 26th along with a lot of other great acts (like The Whigs, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Those Darlins, Sam Hunt, Randall Bramlett, Back City Woods, and Packway Handle Band) for the annual Bragg Jam festival, so if you're in Macon by all means, come on out:

'Tis the season to find out which class of 2014 college football signing classes will be suffering academic casualties. Georgia's 21 man class appears to be losing only Sunshine State receiver Gilbert Johnson to academic difficulties (though tight end Hunter Atkinson is hanging up the cleats as well). Given what Georgia has coming back at the receiver spot, the 'Dawgs have come through essentially unscathed.

Steve Spurrier can't say the same. It looks like 8 out of 21 of the incoming Gamecocks are still in danger of not qualifying. Most significant, 3 of those are defensive back recruits who are desperately needed to provide depth after the losses of Victor Hampton to the NFL draft and Ahmad Christian to transfer.

Also of note is that the list includes 2 Peach State prospects, DE Dante Sawyer and CB Wesley Green, who the Bulldog coaches seemed to cool on during the recruiting process. Georgia has shown a willingness to take guys who they know are in danger of not qualifying, but only under very distinct circumstances.We've seen the Bulldog coaches take guys with off-the-charts rough athletic ability that required honing like Devondre Seymour and Chris Mayes, but Mark Richt's staff has done an enviable job over the past few years of making sure that the guys they recruit are in position to qualify, even if they don't always make it. As a result it has been several years since Georgia suffered the kind of wholesale damage the Gamecocks are risking. For me that's a Bulldog point of pride.

Feel free to use this as your "not doing a lick of work on Friday afternoon" open thread to discuss college football, summer music shows, or whatever else strikes your fancies. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!