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Moving on from Matthews

"I want you to want me..."
"I want you to want me..."
Grant Halverson

We've got a lot coming today.  More thoughts on our defensive backfield, and more from MaconDawg on what came up at yesterday's Pigskin Preview in central Georgia.  But for now, a quick run around of some of the news.

Georgia lost one, and added one.  LB Juwon Taylor, out of Hallandale High School in Broward County, Florida is committed to the Dawgs. He's a somewhat smaller, athletic linebacker that looks like a speedy, sideline to sideline type.  Georgia was the first school on him this spring, as several others followed after new coach Mike Ekeler offered.  You can watch his junior clips below.

In other recruiting news, Maryland big man Charles Mitchell is transferring back closer to home, and should be visiting Athens before the end of the week. Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State have an advantage in this being close to his home, and potentially places where he could play immediately due to an ailing grandmother.  We already landed two quality bigs this spring, but one more, especially with Mitchell's ability to score and work the glass, would make next year's team for Fox a definite NCAA Tournament contender.

And Marc Weiszer's notebook got filled up in Macon.  Check the link for a lot on Georgia St's perspective for having Penn St coaches help with their camps.  But lower down the page, you see that Homestead, FL WR Gilbert Johnson won't make the grade.  Whether he goes to prep school or JUCO may impact how much Georgia rerecruits him going forward.  He also mentions how WR Justin Scott-Wesley is a little behind the others in recovering from an ACL tear, which makes sense given his occurred a little later in the season.  And Weiszer does the math for us, as Matthews departure makes it 82 on our annual march to 73.