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United States and Germany open thread, is this how World War 3 begins?


Georgia has 4 athletes competing at the USA Championships, being held in Sacramento this week. Junior Nick Vena finished 7th in the shot put yesterday, while former Dawg Reese Hoffa finished third.  Megan Malasarte runs in the 800 meters starting at 7:15 today (eastern time), while Jonathan Smith runs in the 100 meters scheduled for 10:45.  Drew Branch competes in the 400m hurdles tomorrow.

Also, Brandon Lord runs in the 5000 meters in the Canadian Championships Saturday evening, held in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Oh, and there's some guys kicking a ball around in Recife, Brazil on ESPN.  If you need a permission slip to leave work, click here.

You Ess A!  You Ess A!  You Ess A!