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A rematch almost 40 years overdue: Georgia and Notre Dame schedule a football game, we hope

He does have one more year of eligibility.
He does have one more year of eligibility.
Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

After much discussion last month about a game "later this decade", it appears talks progressed to the point where the Georgia Bulldogs and Notre Dame Fighting Irish are set to play for just the second time ever on a football field.  Buck Belue was the first one to report in, but everyone has run with the story since.  You may recall Buck Belue and the Irish from such hits as...

Now, this is all preliminary and not officially announced.  And even if it is officially announced, between now and the time we actually take the field can see a lot of change (like with past deals to play Louisville, Oregon, and others).  But seeing the silver britches in South Bend, or the Golden Domers in Sanford?  When ADs and others around college football are wondering how to increase fan attendance as numbers start to wane, this is the answer much more than improved wi-fi and modern music over the loud speakers.


h/t to DocSkraynj below, the announcement is official, with games scheduled in South Bend on September 9, 2017 and in Athens September 21, 2019. That link has a good talk with AD Greg McGarity about the upcoming game.