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Freshmen Report To Athens. Who Are You Most Excited About?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As offensive coordinator Mike Bobo put it this morning on Twitter:

Today is the day when Georgia's 2014 signing class reports for duty. I continue to believe that games are won, more often than not, by the guys who are already on campus. That being said, it seems almost un-American not to muster some excitement for the future of the program on a day like this.

There are several players worth getting excited about in the 2014 class, several of whom look likely to play as freshmen. Of course super All-American tailbacks Nick Chubb and Sony Michel could make a difference immediately in the Classic City. Norcross standout Lorenzo Carter was as highly touted as anyone in this class. And return specialist Isaiah McKenzie will certainly get a look from day one for the job of improving the Dawgs' abysmal return game. JUCO transfer Shattle Fenteng has the physical ability to contribute instantly in a frighteningly thin Red and Black secondary, and offensive lineman Dyshon Simms is an offensive lineman and we like offensive linemen. We need more offensive linemen.

Therefore this afternoon's poll question is a simple one: Of the incoming players, who are you most excited to see in Athens?

As always we'd love to hear your rationale in the comments as well. Only 89 days, people. You can make it. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!