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Tuesday Open Thread: Soccer all over and HOORAY USA

Resistance is futile.
Resistance is futile.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's summer time, and if you check the upcoming schedule of events officially involving student-athletes from the University of Georgia, you are told that "There are no upcoming events."

So, while we all anxiously await August 30th, and look to avoid the summer heat, we can sit in here and discuss stuff.  Any stuff.  All sorts of stuff.

Yeah, I got nothing.  The O'Bannon trial is going on attempting to alter the landscape of what exactly is a "student-athlete".  And the NCAA is going at their legal defense about as competently as you'd expect if you've paid attention to how consistently and honorable that fine institution has handled it's business for decades.

There's also soccer.  Some involving UGA, with the fall schedule being released.  It includes the first live event in the history of the soon to be airing SEC Network.  That's right, a television network dedicated to the athletic pride and joy from the heart of Texas to the golden isles of Georgia decided to get going with a game that involves people using their actual feet to move an actual ball (hence the sport being referred to by some as "football").  And international soccer continues to with some intriguing games for those of us who enjoy o jogo bonito,including a bunch of promising young talent for Belgium at noon, host Brazil taking on long time US rival Mexico in the afternoon, and another US rival in Russia closing the day with a contest against the US's friend in South Korea.