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Counting down two thousand two hundred nine hours and thirty minutes

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia had some scheduling news break this afternoon.  Game time for Clemson is set for 5:30 in Athens, August 30th with ESPN. You can now schedule to the hour your preparations for getting to your seat on the couch or in the stands. August 30th, in Athens, at 5:30 in the afternoon, so if you are preparing to be around Sanford Stadium prepare to bring lots of water because it'll likely be hot and moist.  In other words, the evening will be sultry.

3 months from today, just 3 more months.

And basketball may know their season opener as well.  Sicemdawgs has it set for Friday, November 14th in Atlanta.  Mark Fox did say he wanted a big game to open the season, and that would certainly count.  Fox has lost his last 3 games against the Yellow Jackets, so a win would be nice.  They've allowed TV to dictate game time recently, so it would almost assuredly be one of the cable networks setting that date for us.  Attending fans would be expected to be sparse considering the following day sees football play Auburn in Athens.