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CBS Announces First Round of 2014 SEC Football Schedule. Georgia/South Carolina Kicks It Off.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

You know what time it is:

Today CBS announced a portion of its schedule for 2014 coverage of SEC football. Over 14 glorious weeks the network with televise 16 games (including its a standard pair of doubleheader weekends).

Georgia and South Carolina will be first up when the 'Dawgs travel to Columbia on September 13th. The odds of Kyle King being in attendance are slim to none, and slim is running out the door with a plastic milk carton full of burned chicken in its blistered hands.

The network also announced that the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party will be slotted into its customary 3:30 p.m. slot on November 1st. Arkansas will travel to Missouri on November 28th for the post-Thanksgiving matchup which used to belong to the Razorbacks and LSU, and which produced some really memorable football in recent seasons.

The two doubleheaders will take place on October 11th and November 8th. The October date includes the following slate of games to choose from: Alabama at Arkansas, LSU at Florida, Georgia at Missouri, Ole Miss at Texas A&M, and Auburn at Mississippi State. LSU/Florida is likely a given, with the other half of the doubleheader selected based on how teams are looking as they near the season's halfway point. Mississippi St. has been a fashionable pick to win games in 2014, so their matchup with the defending SEC champs might get a look.Georgia/Missouri will certainly get some consideration, especially if Georgia navigates its early schedule and is headed to Missouri for a game with significant SEC East implications.

November 8th brings Texas A&M at Auburn, Georgia at Kentucky, Alabama at LSU and Florida traveling to Vandy. For the gabillionth year in a row Bama/LSU is a mortal lock for one slot. And unless Kentucky goes on an unprecedented run the Bulldogs will almost assuredly not be in the other. TAMU traveling to Abuurn looks like the favorite for the other CBS contest if I had to pick.

Then it all ends on December 6th in the Georgia Dome, where the conference champion will be crowned and (I'm betting) get on with the business of trying to win the first FBS playoff. Uncle Verne and Gary Danielson will be in the booth alternately chortling at and analyzing the action. But this year they'll be joined by sideline reporter Allie LaForce, who is replacing the departingTracy Wolfson (who'll handle sideline reporting of CBS's upcoming Thursday night NFL coverage).

The rest of the schedule will, as usual, be announced as the season progresses. For now, this is yet another reminder that we've hit the part of the calendar where college football season is more approaching on the horizon than receding in the background. And thank God for that. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!