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Brandon Burrows To Take Medical Scholarship, 85 Scholarship Limit Achieved.

I solemnly swear that Brandon Burrows is in this photo. Though only barely.
I solemnly swear that Brandon Burrows is in this photo. Though only barely.
Scott Cunningham

Coach Richt confirmed to Dawgs247's Gentry Estes this evening that senior linebacker Brandon Burrows won't be back with the team in 2014.

Burrows was a well-regarded recruit out of Cobb County's Walton High (with offers from not only Georgia but also Oklahoma, Florida, Clemson, and Alabama) before suffering a serious knee injury during his senior season. He recovered from that, but once in Athens seemed to be snakebitten almost from the beginning. He suffered shoulder injuries (missing the 2011 season), required hand surgery (which cost him much of the 2012 season), and missed time because of a concussion (which kept him out of the 2013 G Day Game). Along the way he never really broke into the rotation at linebacker, getting frustrated enough during the summer of 2012 that he planned to transfer before changing his mind.

However Burrows recently graduated, and will now presumably stay on to help the team while taking graduate courses, but not counting against the 85 scholarship limit. On a personal note, Burrows' Twitter account is up there with Watts Dantzler's and Amarlo Herrera's among the list of entertaining Bulldogs to follow.

While it's hard to know what will happen with several players who look to contribute despite their status as walk-ons, this move should put Georgia squarely within the NCAA's 85 scholarship limit, and perhaps as low as 83 (again, depending on what the coaches do with guys like Aaron Davis, Kosta Vavlas, and Trent Frix). We here at Dawg Sports wish Brandon all the best in his future endeavors. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!