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Thursday news round up includes Osahen Iduwe and his unburnable mouth

John Kelley

We start today's look around the UGA sports world with a question, how tough is your tongue?  Has it been tested in Nigeria, because apparently that is the home of the unburnable mouth.  Mark Fox is making the rubber chicken rounds, and telling the tale of Osahen Iduwe.  Our new near 7' basketball recruit hails from Nigeria originally where the food is apparently extremely spicy.  So spicy in fact that the man can drink Tabasco.  Seth Emerson also lets us know a bit about new coach Yasir Rosemond, Fox's expectations for his one remaining open scholarship this spring, and a hope for a big name season opener to complete what looks like a strong 2014-15 schedule.

Georgia has one of the top two overall sports programs in the SEC.  Please don't tell vineyard who finished first.

If you hadn't heard, baseball fell Tuesday to end their season.  Georgiadogs has a nice video talking with the three departing seniors on this team, pitchers Grant Earls, Patrick Boling, and Dylan Cole.

Men's golf is on their way to Kansas for the National Championships beginning tomorrow. While softball hosts game one of their Super Regional against Baylor tomorrow at 2 (on ESPNU).  Before that, georgiadogs takes a look back at the thrills of surviving last weekend.

Track and field has their NCAA Regionals next weekend in Jacksonville.  And the SEC honored the program's junior Luke Baker and senior Megan Malasarte for doing good work in the community.

And before we forget, tennis isn't done.  It's not even close to done.  Congratulations to Southern Cal's men and UCLA's women for their national titles.

The individual stuff is now going on over at the Dan Magill Courts.  Junior Nathan Pasha is still alive after the first round, while sophomore Austin Smith lost.  Pasha takes on Notre Dame's Greg Andrews today at noon in round 2, while senior Hernus Pieters and sophomore Ben Wagland get Andrews and his partner Alex Lawson go at it in the doubles tournament today at 5.

On the ladies' side of the bracket, senior Maho Kowase saw her singles collegiate career come to a close, butjunior Lauren Herring and sophomore Silvia Garcia are still alive in the second round. Kowase is still alive in doubles, as she and Herring take on Duke's Ester Goldfield and Alyssa Smith today at 3, to be followed shortly after by Garcia and senior Kate Fuller in against the Miami pair of Monique Albuquerque and Clementina Riobueno.  Herring also has singles work to do against Stanford's Carol Zaho at 11 this morning.  Garcia is taking the courts right about now for her 10 a.m. match with Stanford's Taylor Davidson.

Congratulations to Kowase for being honored with the ITA's Cissie Leary Award for her sportsmanship.  And also to former Dawg All-Americans and assistant coaches for Manny Diaz John Roddick and Athens' own Bo Hodge for leading Oklahoma to a runner up finish to Southern Cal.  You can also check out a piece on Pieters' hard work and Garcia enjoying the fans in pieces written by fellow Georgia students.  And Loran Smith has a great article on Dan Magill.

And a little football news to wet your whistle, the Chiefs have come to terms with Aaron Murray, Jeremy Pruitt ain't scared about his secondary, and the College Football Hall of Fame is trying to get a little more legitimacy (as everyone else says, what was the hold up for a guy who posted video game level sack numbers back when offenses still almost all used RTDB! offenses?).

And if you are like most of us, stuck at work and unable to enjoy a beautiful day watching tennis in Athens, you can follow the matches of Herring, Garcia, Pasha, and our doubles pairings on the NCAA's live scoring page.

Gooooooooooo Dawgs!