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Dreams: Are we certain Nick Chubb is real, and not another Monteego Powers joke?

He'll make you clap.
He'll make you clap.

Those of you who follow what I write may notice that I occasionally fall in love with various players.  It started with Richard Tardits and Ben Smith back in the 80s, and has carried on through guys like Garrison Hearst, the Bailey brothers, and most recently Brandon Boykin and JJ Green.

Well, there's a kid in high school that has started to fast climb my fascination charts, and it's Nick Chubb.  The RB from Cedartown hasn't enrolled yet.  And when he does, he likely has to wait his turn behind Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, and perhaps split time with Brendan Douglas and Sony Michel, among others, when his turn does get here.

But the state track meet in Georgia is always good for a little, as Senator Blutarsky often calls it, "Dawg Porn".  And this year Chubb was the star of that show.  Stealing from Radi Nabulsi on Twitter...

Impressive picture.  As I told a friend when I saw it, and as much as I hate comparing players to The Man Himself, between the thick thighs and muscled shoulders alongside your more traditional, leaner track runner, I was instantly reminded of this famous photo of #34.

Then comes this morning, and I see another image.  And now I'm gonna need to change my britches.

In the immortal words of George Takei, "oh my!".