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Georgia football: Redshirt freshman WR Uriah LeMay to transfer

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Uriah LeMay has decided to transfer from Georgia, the team announced on Tuesday.

Uriah LeMay has decided to transfer from Georgia, Georgia announced on Tuesday. Following in similar footsteps to his brother, backup quarterback Christian LeMay, who transferred from Georgia at the end of the season last year to Jacksonville State, LeMay has chosen to move on from the Bulldogs in search of more playing time.

LeMay was one of four Georgia players arrested back in March for double-cashing their scholarship checks from the university program. The other three players involved (Tray Matthews, John Taylor, and James Deloach) were charged earlier this year for double-cashing their checks while LeMay was charged for double-cashing a teammate's check.

This transfer also follows news from Monday night when Georgia head coach Mark Richt told the media that cornerback Brendan Langley would be moving over to receiver this season. Langley started four games at cornerback last year.

Coach Richt released a statement Tuesday about LeMay transferring:

"Uriah made the decision in order to have a better opportunity for playing time. He has our best wishes in achieving all his goals as a student and athlete."