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NFL Draft Day Three Open Comment Thread: Where My 'Dawgs At?

Scott Cunningham

The final day of the NFL Draft kicks off at noon today with rounds 4 through 7 rushing by in a flurry of picks that will, in all likelihood, have a lot more to do with the future of most NFL teams than the preceding rounds. As much as the ESPN talking heads like to bloviate about the Clowneys and Manziels of the world, it's the hordes of semi-anonymous guards and defensive ends who get picked in the triple digits who  make up the backbone of NFL rosters.

Today is also the day when we should finally hear the names of some Georgia Bulldogs called. Of course there's Aaron Murray and Arthur Lynch, both of whom should be off the board by the mid-point of today's festivities. SB Nation's Dan Kadar lists Lynch and Murray as the 34th and 65th best players still available, by the way. Of course he has both of them behind Isaiah Crowell, so, yeah.

There are also a series of guys who might hear their names called, but are more likely to be signing free agent deals in the next 48 to 72 hours. This group includes defensive lineman Garrison Smith, receiver Rantavious Wooten, and offensive linemen Dallas Lee, Chris Burnette, and Ken Gates. Still other players who might get a look include receivers Rhett McGowan and Blake Sailors and linebacker T.J. Stripling.

We'll be here all afternoon for the festivities, so pull up a chair and grab a beverage. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!