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Georgia football will debut on the SEC Network when Troy comes to Athens September 20th at noon

He has built it, but will they watch?
He has built it, but will they watch?

Georgia has learned when it will first have football on the SEC Network, as all 14 SEC schools will have a home game on the conference's new cash cow within the first month of the 2014 season.

Click the link to the Banner Herald or Ledger Enquirer articles giving you the full slate to air on ESPN's SEC Network in the first four weeks of the football season.

Georgia is the last SEC team to air, as well as host a game on the network that first takes the airwaves on August 14th.  Texas A&M will be at South Carolina to get things going Thursday, August 28th at 6, with Vandy hosting Temple later that evening.  The SEC Network will also be airing Arkansas at Auburn on the season's opening Saturday at 4.  The 6 games scheduled on week 2 are all gimme wins, well wins provided there are no Ga Southern vs. Florida like delights.  A 7:30 kickoff between Florida and Kentucky in the Swamp highlights the week 3 games on the SEC Network, while the games scheduled to follow Georgia and Troy on the 20th at 4 and 7:30 are yet to be announced.

Football season is getting closer, with just this current month and then only June and July between now and August when the season begins.