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Paris Bostick to transfer

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LB Paris Bostick has decided to leave the program after redshirting last year as a freshman.

"After discussing the situation with Paris, we mutually agreed this is a good decision," said Richt. "He has a positive future in football and we wish him all the best in attaining his goals in football and in education."

Bostick, who came from the same Plant High School in Tampa that gave us Aaron Murray and Orson Charles, has battled injuries it seems from the moment he stepped foot on campus around 10 months ago. Being that he's already burned a redshirt year, I'd assume he decides to drop down a level to 1-AA so he can play right away, or to a JUCO so he can be free to move to wherever he'd like after next season. Either way, we'd like to with Bostick the best of luck as he continues his academic and athletic career, provided he doesn't end up at Auburn (or elsewhere in the SEC to play against the Dawgs).