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Stacey Palmore will not return as basketball assistant coach

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Assistant basketball coach Stacey Palmore, whose time in Athens marked the entirety of the Mark Fox era, has decided to move on from the Georgia basketball program.  He was considered a candidate for the Tennessee St head coaching job, but ultimately was not the man chosen.  It is unknown at this time where he will go next.

Palmore came to Athens from Virginia Tech, and many Georgia fans pointed fingers at him among others for problems in recruiting.  He did good work at Virginia Tech, and did good work in Athens, and we at Dawgsports wish him well.

It is far too early to predict where Mark Fox will go with the open spot on his staff.  He certainly nailed a home run the last time he had a hole on his staff with Jonas Hayes.  It is assumed that Palmore's replacement, like Hayes, will be someone with an extensive career interacting with basketball folks around the state.