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Mark Richt has lost control of Will Muschamp, and other goings on around the SEC

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We wanted you to bring them down Will, but we didn't expect you to be this good at it.
We wanted you to bring them down Will, but we didn't expect you to be this good at it.
Sam Greenwood

The world around Athens is relatively quiet as spring comes to a close and the lazy summer kicks in.  We'll have your usual look at what's on tap for the weekend in Georgia sports tomorrow.  Today, let's see what's going on with our conference brethren.

The worriers among us will have reason to fear upcoming talks on the SEC football schedule.  8 conference games or 9?  Keep permanent East/West rivals or rotate all?  This matters to Georgia in multiple ways, with a permanent neutral site of the Cocktail Party and a permanent game against a big 5 conference rival in Tech impacting who's coming to Sanford in a given year, and most importantly putting the oldest rivalry in the South with Auburn at risk.  Georgia's vote is clear, but with 13 others in the mix including two new votes that will have no strong reason for maintaining a tradition they don't have, the current outlook is frightening to those who love history.

Leaving the conference and focusing on the schools, we see Florida was maybe even more of a dumpster fire than we thought last season.  Considering the AJC and Herbstreit and so many others that are troubled by the troubles of Mark Richt's boys, it's hard not to feel a little schadenfreude when you read about the culture described by a former captain and starting C now getting ready for the NFL, and it's hard to disagree with theories like...

It’s never a good sign when you have a police informant playing cornerback.

Moving on from the Gators, we find out Bama is about to get PAID, andIT'S A CONSPIRACY PAWL!  ESPN IS LAUGHING AT US!

There's also a lot of basketball news around the conference to discuss.  Tennessee has a new coach that has done great work building programs at Morehead State and Southern Miss, and will haveplenty of building to do in Knoxville. They also chose Donnie Tyndall after first choice Michael White, who's Louisiana Tech team eliminated the Dawgs from the NIT this past March, turned them down. White's name has not come up with the Missouri search that is still very much ongoing after Frank Haith left for Tulsa (where he has former Georgia coach Dennis Felton as an assistant).

And this just in, Kentucky basketball next year is going to be good.  Frighteningly scary good.  Like how are they going to fit all these players on to a 13 man roster good.

Anything else y'all want to discuss on a lovely Thursday?