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Dawg Bites: Butter Burgers and Horsey Heroics.

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It's Monday morning and you've got things to do, people to see, and places to be. But first let's take a quick tour around the weekend that was in college sports:

This weekend was a big one for spring games, with Auburn, Alabama, and Florida among the SEC entrants. Alabama got commitments from a veritable who's who of blue chip players who'll suffer mysterious medical hardships in a couple of years. Auburn's starters beat their reserves 58-3, which doesn't really tell us a lot other than the surprising news that someone at Auburn can count all the way to 58.

And then of course there was Georgia Tech, which didn't actually have 117 people in attendance at its spring game. But given the white hot hate we here at Dawg Sports got on Twitter from Nerds who seemed to actually think that we thought that was the official attendance number, I refuse to acknowledge any other number. Auburn and Alabama finished 1-2 in spring attendance as usual because 1) they have such passionate fan bases, and 2) what else is there to do in Alabama after dove and deer season close?

I honestly have no idea whether Iowa's spring game was this weekend, but I'm fairly certain that Iowa recruiting coordinator/assistant defensive line coach Eric Johnson won't be at next year's Black and Gold Game (I've never looked up what Iowa calls it, but come on, what else could it be?) because he's leaving for a "non-football career." By which he means opening a fast food restaurant in Tennessee. It's a Culver's, to be specific, which I understand to be a Wisconsin chain that serves cheese custard (naturally) and something called a "butter burger." I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like a damned good idea.

This is not totally unprecedented, as Marshall had an assistant leave a few years back to open a Chik-Fil-A. I assume that guy now makes almost as much money as Kirk Ferentz, and probably more on a per conference victory basis.

On the Bulldog sports front the highlight of the weekend was the equestrian team's come from behind victory over South Carolina to claim the NCEA national title. The gymnastics team put up a respectable fifth place finish in the NCAA Championships, and the womens tennis team brought home an SEC title. The womens golf team's weekend wasn't so successful, as the ladies of the links finished eighth at the SEC tournament. At least they didn't get swept in a head-to-head series with the Florida Gators. I'm looking at you, Bulldog baseball team. I hate Florida.

That's at least some of the news that's fit to print. Until later, have a great Monday and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!