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Football newspaper round-up

Kevin C. Cox
Georgia's had 3 spring practices under their belt. Which is generally very little to report on, but the beat writers who do this for a living are putting up some good stuff, so we'd like to share a little with you. Apologies to Seth Emerson with the Macon and Columbus papers, as their sign up requirements make things a little harder to access than others with essentially the same quotes, so I link them instead of a few of his. Seth does good work too, like David Paschall up in Chatanooga, Marc Weiszer out of Athens, among others.

Paschall gives you the base recap from Mark Richt's comments to reporters after yesterday's practice in the hard winds. He also has a good bit from earlier this week on Watts Dantzler's battle to find a starting spot along the OL. And considering the mistakes of Trey Matthews (more there if you keep reading below) and Josh Harvey-Clemons, Paschall also reminds us of the importance of Corey Moore's continued development at safety.

Weiszer has been loading up the content for the Athens paper. Atlanta native and former Auburn All-American Tracy Rocker is letting his players know what he expects from them. And senior DT Mike Thornton is helping him get that message across to the kids. There's a general recap, with video and some injury notes in there. Will Friend was not satisfied with the OL play yesterday, while earlier in the week the events that surrounded G/T Mark Beard's transfer, nevermind I'm staying were discussed. Meanwhile, Quayvon Hicks is adapting nicely to TE increasing his versatility to the offense, with quotes from JJ Green in there on his position switch that make me love the little man from Kingsland even more. I still think he could find a home freelancing at S, and comments about wanting to do the hitting instead of being hit, in addition to comments by fellow sophomore DB Quincy Mauger aren't backing me off that thought (Mauger told reporters that Green is "playing physical out there. He’s like a little ball of energy really.” Reminds me of former Florida DB Ahmad Black.)

And lastly comes the problem children. Richt stated that Shaq Wiggins won't miss any games due to his driving with a suspended license. Justin Scott-Wesley, who was arrested for marijuana possession last fall after tearing up his knee, will be punished according to school policy. And the four in need of some more finance and accounting classes have as of yet undetermined, or at least unannounced punishments for their transgressions. Considering the way Richt handled Marshall Morgan, Josh Harvey-Clemons, and other suspension issues going into the Clemson game last season, I'd suspect we are going to see him stay coy on that subject until August, if he evens says anything at all prior to kickoff on August 30th.