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Swim Dawgs get ready for NCAA Championships today

Georgia's women swimming and diving crew is in Minneapolis today, getting ready to defend last year's NCAA Championship. The Lady Bulldogs will have a lineup this week of seniors Jessica Graber, Melanie Margalis, Shannon Vreeland, and Laura Ryan (the lone diver in the group); juniors Lauren Harrington, Maddie Locus, Jordan Mattern, Amber McDermott, Shannon O'Malley, Courtney Peters and Nicole Vernon; sophomores Hali Flickinger, Brittany MacLean, Chantal Van Landeghem and Annie Zhu; and freshmen Emily Cameron, Olivia Smoliga and Rachel Zilinskas. Vreeland has a pretty good piece up with Kelly Fairbanks from the Athens-Banner Herald on a typical day for your typical Olympic gold medalist swimmer. Simply put, they do more work before 6 a.m. than you probably do all week.

Harvey Humphries will still be running the show during the meet, as Jack Bauerle is still suspended despite the swimmer in question causing the suspension being reinstated weeks ago. There will be live streams from all sessions on Thursday and from the prelims on Friday and Saturday on Minnesota's website, The Friday and Saturday finals will be aired on ESPN3.